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Q1: Can kids with no background join the camp? 

A: In our camp, all students get to learn new vocabularies related to each week's topic together so they could join even if they have no background.

Q2: How are you going to arrange the class?

A: We arrange the students by their age with the maximum of 7 students per class.


Q3: What will they do inside the classroom?

A: Students are going to learn the vocabularies, sentences, songs and Chinese characters through the activities. Also, we will make crafts and desserts, and all the things are related to the topic.


Q4: How are you going to separate the level for students?

A: We separate students from their age.


Q5: How do I know their learning progress in the camp?

A: At the end of the camp (Friday about 14:00 p.m.) we’ll invite parents to watch the performance.

Q1 : Will there be anyone that takes them to the toilet? How do you manage this?

A: There will be either the staffs or Laoshi that take them to toilet. 


Q2 : How are they going to have their lunch? Do parents need to prepare for them?

A: Students need to bring their lunch, or they can order from restaurant. At lunch time, Laoshi will be inside the classroom helping them.  


Q3: Are they going to cook inside the classroom?

A: They will use simple materials like fruits, bread, cookies to make the dessert.


Q4: Do they have break time, how long?

A: One session is 40 minutes, each 40 minutes we’ll have 10 minutes’ break.


Q5: What should students bring to the camp?

A: Water bottle, some snacks and a jacket.

Call for Camp Information

Thonglor: 095-195-3305

Sathorn: 062-778-6677