BABY MANDARIN & Interactive Mandarin for young learners



Nihao Academy focuses on creating a fun and engaging environment for students to learn and practice Mandarin in real life!



Nihao Academy Interactive curriculum is a one-of-a-kind experience designed to give your young learner a fun and stimulating environment for learning Mandarin. Our state-of-the-art facilities include libraries, interactive play-spaces, and technologically advanced classrooms. Our certified native speaking teachers are committed to providing quality education in a style that builds confidence and critical thinking skills in a fun and exciting way.


What we believe

  • Learning is fun and interactive

  • Education is taught in many levels and styles

  • Multiple Intelligence learning

What makes us unique

  • State-of-the-art facilities

  • Courses digitally integrated with e-books and touch screen monitors

  • Cross-curriculum design and interactive lessons.

What you get

  • Lessons specifically designed to meet students needs and abilities

  • Encouraging and motivating learning environment

  • Tools for increasing proficiency & understanding of languages and cultures




Baby Mandarin 1.5-3 Yrs


Our baby Mandarin program provides hands-on and interactive activities in Mandarin. Our unique cross curriculum design gives your children an opportunity to increase hand-eye coordination and motor skills. If you are looking for a program that stimulates your child’s mind and provides the building blocks for strong and positive social behaviors, then look no further than Nihao Academy’s Baby Mandarin program.

  • Our classes are led by certified native-speaking teachers in a friendly environment where children can learn the basics of Mandarin.

  • Play & learn environment to develop understanding of Mandarin.

  • Child-centered learning environment where children of all nationalities can discover the joy of learning Mandarin. 

Interactive Mandarin 3-12 Yrs

Our state-of-the-art facilities create a fun and engaging environment that allows students to learn Mandarin in a native speaking approach. By integrating hands-on activities, advanced education technologies, and native speaking teachers, students are able to effectively increase their proficiency and understanding of Mandarin language, culture, and traditions.

  • Comprehensive understanding of fundamental Mandarin taught level by level

  • Successfully increase proficiency in speaking Mandarin and character recognition

  • Courses taught by certified native speaking teachers

  • Courses offered 6 days a week

Facilities & Activities


Nihao Academy

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