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Nihao Academy


the best

Mandarin school

for your kids



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Baby Mandarin 1.5-3 Yrs

  • Learn Mandarin by doing

  • Learn Mandarin with physical development

  • Learn Mandarin in caring environment 

Interactive Mandarin 3-12 Yrs
  • Native speaking teachers with education background

  • Completed curriculum in all levels

  • Mandarin Immersion Environment

Facilities & Activities

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Nihao Academy

learning Mandarin so happy   


What Nihao believe

  • Learning is fun and interactive

  • Education is taught in many levels and styles

  • Multiple Intelligence learning

What makes Nihao unique

  • State-of-the-art facilities

  • Courses digitally integrated with e-books and DIY projects

  • Cross-curriculum design and interactive lessons

  • Mandarin immersion environment 

What your kids get

  • Lessons specifically designed to meet students needs and abilities

  • Encouraging and motivating learning environment

  • Tools for increasing proficiency & understanding of languages and cultures


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Thonglor Branch

Tel: 0991953305

Major Tower

7th fl., 141 Thonglor Soi 10

Bangna Branch

Tel: 0803925599

Lasalle’s Avenue

2nd fl., Education Zone

Sathorn Branch

Tel: 0627786677

Market Place - Nanglynchi (Tops)

2nd fl., Tower B

Thonglor 099-195-3305 

Sathorn 062-778-6677

Bangna 080-92-5599

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